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Why has China’s government banned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.?

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The websites or application that we use every day like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Whatsapp, the one on which we rely to do various things throughout the day. It is a part of life and we think that everyone is using the same. But do you know that if by any case you land in China, you won’t be able to use all these applications? Yes, that means in China all these applications are banned and the people living there don’t have access to it.

If it’s so shocking to hear that the application or website we can’t resist using is banned in China then it will surely be in your interest to know the reason behind the ban.

Let’s dig into why all these applications are banned in China.

All the application mentioned above is from western countries and mostly owned by the U.S. So the conflict over these applications is all about the data so called as the ‘’Big Data’’. Confused?

Let me explain, as we all know that all the application that we use, collects our data. For example, if we use Google it traces our personal info, location, etc. Facebook uses our data to find our interest or our daily activities and even YouTube collects the data of the most searched videos. All these apps give you service is free which is not actually free in that matter. If your Instagram account gets hacked then click Instagram account hacked.

All these data are of great importance for them as they use it to sell their product or service to the potential and relevant audience of the market.

The war is for the Data

China is among the top best markets in the world. No companies will miss the chance to showcase their product here or lose the opportunity of getting the Big Data.

So whenever any company wants to launch something like this in China, they have to provide the company with a piece of the same. And to our surprise, they want the big data.

China’s government are even very concerned about their own citizen’s data and even crave for other countries data as it will help them to know any movement taken against them in most part of the world.

So all the owners of these applications are not comfortable with censoring certain data or sharing all the big data to a Country.

And this dispute or demand can only be solved if they just deny giving the data and with that even having their websites or application there. So this is the reason why the Chinese Government does not allow an application like Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc. and hence it cannot be accessed there.

Some more things to know

With this don’t think that they don’t have any such application to access they have an application of their own just like us. So they have their own search engine called Baidu instead of Google, Youku instead of YouTube, Weibo instead of Facebook and finally WE Chat which has many features like Whatsapp and Facebook. And most of us are unknown to the fact that WE chat is the third most used platform in the world.

This has made the Chinese government to preserve their data in their own country and also have been successful to increase economy as there is even We chat marketing through which other markets can showcase their product to all the users of We chat.

With this, we have come to the end of this article and have definitely amazed you with some of the new and interesting facts. Stay tuned for the next.

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